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Sales for the Culture is a communal movement of Black tech sellers, for Black tech sellers. We exist to make sure that Black people are attracted to, empowered in, enabled for, and included by the tech sales profession. From the VP at the $3B enterprise to the SDR who got hired last Friday, we are building the community that we need so that we don’t have to run alone anymore.

One day, your company will look like us.

Who We Are

Sales For The Culture focuses on diversity and inclusion initiatives to increase opportunities and create pathways for diverse communities. Companies face challenges in procuring products and services from diverse companies and hiring a diverse workforce.

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The Black Tech Sales Census

“Where are all the Black people in Tech Sales?”

You could be a Black person eager to know Black Tech Sellers who have gone the way Before you, are running Beside you or the ones coming on Behind you. You could be someone with a Tech Sales opportunity (conference speaking, podcast guesting, a job, etc) that would benefit from one of many Black perspectives.

Lean on The Black Tech Sales Census as a resource to connect with, learn from and uplift Black voices in this game. Let us know about any updates here.

Here’s the Individual Contributors edition

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Here’s the Sales Leaders edition

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Sales For The Culture focuses on diversity and inclusion

Solving Problems > Thinking About Them

While there are tons of Black experiences, there are a set of challenges with the tech sales profession shared by enough Black people that those of us in the game feel called to address.

Too few Black people feel powerfully attracted to, empowered in, enabled for, and included by the tech sales industry, so we got together to do something about it.

We conduct industry recruitment efforts targeted to Black people. We tell the stories of successful Black tech sellers. In our Slack community, we facilitate programming to elevate the sales acumen of Black tech sellers with industry-best practices. We create content and host conversations to normalize a sense of belonging for Black people in this profession.

This is Sales for the Culture.

Sales For The Culture Partners

3B Community

The Sales for the Culture Slack Community is built on a 3B foundation, that individuals need to engage people Before, Beside and Behind you.

Learning from mentors who have gone before you helps take the lid off your potential. Peers beside you are the running mates that push you to keep excelling. Passing on what you know to the people coming on behind you makes sure that the next wave has it better than we did.

Building 3B community sets a foundation for Black excellence that underpins and transcends our spot in the boardroom.


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And if you’re Black and in Tech Sales, join the other 400+ Black Tech Sellers in the Sales for the Culture Slack Community.

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